Tips for camping outside of campsites

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Is it allowed?

Camping in the wild is possible in Slovakia outside the territories of National Parks and nature protection areas higher than level 2. If you travel outside of Slovakia, look up the regulations for free camping in the respective country and follow them.

The basic principle of free camping in Slovakia and abroad is respect for the rules, nature, and other people.

Looking for the ideal camping spot

The park4night app is very helpful for finding camping spots. You can download it here: iOSAndroid.

In the app, you can choose from numerous “pins” marking locations suitable for free camping in Slovakia and abroad, complete with their descriptions and reviews – we definitely recommend reading these reviews thoroughly.

Choose places outside residential areas and with good access roads. If you don’t find this information in the park4night reviews, Google Maps will be useful. Switch them to satellite mode and look around the area you have in mind. Also, zoom in on the map to check if there is a paved road leading to the selected place.

If you plan to travel in Slovakia or the Czech Republic, check out our blogs with tips on verified camping spots. In Slovakia, the website can also help you (use browser translation for English).


Definitely look for a camping spot during daylight and well before sunset. Finding the perfect spot is often quite a mission, so it’s good to have time. It’s also important to assess the access road and the environment where you decide to spend the night during daylight. Of course, be mindful of various signs, parking or entry prohibitions, private properties, etc.

If you’re traveling with your own van and decide to camp off paved areas, don’t forget to check the weather forecast to avoid getting stuck in mud after rain.

And one more important tip – try to park your campervan as level as possible. If needed, use leveling pads from us or flat stones to level the wheels so you can sleep well.

Refilling water

Our guests often plan their trip so that every third night or so is spent in a campsite where they can replenish their water supplies.

If you want to find drinking water outside of campsites, taps are often located, for example, near cemeteries and in various random places in towns/villages. They are often marked in the park4night app with a purple and white icon.

Our campervans have water tanks with capacities of  30 litres (Mountain Hut), 50 litres (Big BananaDromedárGurumobil) and 115 litres (Crafty). 

With regular cooking, you can count on using approximately 7 liters of water per person per day, and more if you use the shower.

In our smallest van called Mountain Hut, you will find a solar shower with a capacity of 8 liters. You can use water from a natural spring or stream for the solar shower. Then, you can leave it to heat up in the sun in the shower bag itself or heat the water on the stove and mix it with cold water. In other vans, the shower draws water from a fixed tank located inside the van.

Before you find your camping spot for the night, it’s good to check your water supply and refill it on the way if necessary. Sometimes you might like the camping place so much that you decide to stay longer, so you won’t have to leave just because of a lack of water. 🙂

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All our camper vans provide you with enough electricity anywhere. They operate off-grid, so recharging at campsites is not necessary.

Our vans are equipped with a second battery dedicated solely to interior use. The battery is charged by a solar panel and also by the alternator when the engine is running. When the van’s engine is off, the batteries automatically disconnect, ensuring you won’t have trouble starting the engine in the morning.

Thanks to the solar panels and the battery capacities, you will have enough electricity for everything you need – refrigerator, lights, charging laptops, phones, and similar devices – even if you stay in one place for several days without starting the engine.


Our camper vans do not have chemical or other types of toilets. However, all campsites, gas stations, and cafes are equipped with restroom facilities.

But if you’re like us and really enjoy free camping, you will find a shovel under the passenger seat or near the camping gear in the back of our vans. This is for ensuring that you leave no visible traces in nature 🙂


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We recommend planning your meals a few days in advance so that you don’t have to visit a store every day and can instead enjoy your time spent in nature.

The kitchens in our vans are well-equipped for almost any recipe, and there is plenty of storage space in the kitchen and refrigerator. We hope that cooking and dining with a view will be enjoyable for you, maybe even exceptionally so. The Crafty van also has a freezer.

In all our vans, in addition to the gas stove and kitchen equipment, you will also find salt, spices, oil, coffee, and a small portable grill. We will be happy if you make use of them.

With respect to nature

Leave the campsite and its surroundings in the same condition you found it, or even better.

Take all the waste you produce with you, and if you’re in a good mood, you can also pick up a few pieces of trash left by your predecessors.

Paper wrappers are ideal for starting a fire. Only make a fire in places where it is safe and at a sufficient distance from the van, in already designated fire pits. Before leaving the fire pit, make sure the fire is thoroughly extinguished and won’t be rekindled by any wind.


Enjoy : )

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