Tips for great campervan roadtrip in Slovakia

Tips for great campervan roadtrip in Slovakia

900 km long roadtrip from Bratislava, via Banská Štiavnica, Hriňová, Slovak paradise, around High Tatras to Orava and back in 7 days.

We recommend at least 7 to 8 days for the whole trip if you want to take it easy and enjoy beautiful slovakian nature. Of course there is a lot more to see and experience than we could possibly pack into this post so feel free to dedicate more time. You will find several possibilities what to see and where to hike under each spot with handy links leading to hiking maps.
If you have more time check out the bonus tips at the end of the post.

Purecampers campervan Purecampers campervan


Google maps directions for the trip can be found here. So just click and follow or edit and change as you like. Whatever works for you. Campervan roadtrip is about freedom after all 🙂

Day 1: Banská Štiavnica

Your trip always starts in Bratislava where pick-ups and drop-offs of our vans happen. After short introduction of your new house on wheels its time to get going. Direction Banská Štiavnica.

After exploring the town or its surrounding its time to move to the next, less known, but amazing stop at Hriňová. The best time would be hour or two before sunset so you can catch the golden hour already in Hriňová. Our tip for good camping spot at Hriňová would be parking Hriňová Raticov Vrch or for travellers with kids we recommend Farma pod Poľanou. However if you rather prefer to stay overnight in Banská Štiavnica and move to Hriňová next day our guests gave us good feedbacks on Lúka pri Richňavskom jazere.

Bratislava – Banská Štiavnica, approx 2:00 h
Banská Štiavnica – Hriňová, approx 1:00 h

Day 2: Hriňová

After enjoying beautiful views and not demanding strolls at Hriňová you can start driving towards Slovak paradise to campground Podlesok. The drive itself is quite spectacular and you can also stop by to see photogenic viaduct at Telgart or visit Muránska planina well known by its groundhogs 😊

Hriňová – Slovenský raj, route num. 66 – approx 2:00 h (count with extra time in case of stopping along the road)

Day 3: Slovak paradise (Slovenský raj)

Yes, it really is paradise. Here start some hikes. Slovak paradise is very popular and can get quite crowded in full season.  However it is definitely worth visiting if you have not done yet. There is several hikes with waterfalls and ladders situated in gorges. Good hiking shoes are recommended especially after rains. Maps of hiking trails are provided by the campground staff and also later on in the article.

Day 4: Belianske Tatry

After a day spent in Slovak paradise it’s time to move to High Tatras. Our tip for camping spot would be parking lot at Strednica at the eastern side of the national park or Leharo campground highly recommended by our guests who visited it several times.

Slovenský raj – parking lot Strednica – route 66 – approx 1:00 h
Slovenský raj – Camping Leharo – approx 00:40 h

Day 5: Polish Tatras

The fifth day starts by moving to Polish side of Tatras towards Zakopane. Sleep over is possible at parking lots Małe Ciche or Czarna Góra. There is also a beautiful viewpoint Lapszanka on the way there if you still have time for some extra stop.

Strednica – Lapszanka – Małe Ciche, approx 00:40 h
Strednica – Lapszanka – Czarna Góra, approx 00:30 h

Day 6: Orava

From short stop over in Poland it’s time to get back to Orava region in Slovakia. We found two good camping spots here: Campground Jami next to Orava dam or ranch Na Okraji in Orava Beskydy.

Małe Ciche – Zakopane – Námestovo, Autocamp Jami, 1:30 h
Małe Ciche – Zakopane – Novoť, Ranč Na Okraji, 1:45 h

Day 7: Bratislava

This is the end of your campervan advanture and it’s time to start driving back to Bratislava. From Orava to Bratislava it takes around 3 to 4 hours drive. The vans are to be dropped off by 5pm so please plan the trip back accordingly. However if you have more time for your trip you can find more tips for trips or stopovers at the end of the article.

We wish you happy roadtripping 🙂


What to do during your campervan roadtrip?

Banská Štiavnica

Do mesta či do kopcov, voľba je vaša. Tu je zopár našich tipov na túry a prechádzky v okolí:

To Sitno peak from Počúvadlo lake, 4km, 2h. To the top of Sitno there is few tracks. Green one is shortest but the most steep, Yellow one will take you around Slovakian primeval forest and the views from top of Sitno are really spectacular.

Purecampers Sitno
Winter views from Sitno peak

You can get from Počúvadlo lake to many other lakes in Štiavnica Mines (12 km, 4 hours) as Bakoniho pond, Big Vindšacht taych, Evička lake or Richňava lake.

Paradajs from Sedlo Červená studňa is easy 3,8 km stroll with views over famous Kalvaria which you can prolong to 8-9km hike up to Farárová hôrka. If you feel like walking more (around 16km) you can continue to lakes Bakoniho rybník, Veľký Vindšachtský tajch or Evičkino jazero. This hike will probably prolong your stop in Banská Štiavnica for the night. Our guests recommended sleepover at Lúka pri Richňavskom jazere. We also searched for some extra spots through Park4night app and found a good looking one here, however it’s not been tried by us.

Purecampers Stiavnicke vrchy
Views from December’s Paradajs

If you leave Banská Štiavnica towards Hriňová one or two hours before sunset you will have enought time to enjoy golden hour at „Slovak Tuscany“. You can set your destination parking lot Hriňová Raticov Vrch. Our guests also recommend Farmu pod Poľanou.


Slow breakfasts in the nature are great way how to start your day in campervan so definitely no rush here. The meadows at Hriňová offer many possibilities for easy strolls. However if you feel like something more demanding there is extinct volcano Poľana with it’s 1458 m height and panoramic view. Count on 5 hours and around 12km on feet. Detailed review of the hike can be found here and directions here.

Slovenský raj

The road to Slovak paradise goes through Muránska planina and passing viaduct Telgárt. If you have time and will it’s recommended to stop by for a short break at both spots. Once you get to Slovak paradise you can stay at Campground Podlesok with price of 16 eur for two people and campervan. Wild camping spots can be also found via Park4night app however the campground is perfectly situated at the beginning of the hikes to the paradise. The drive from Hriňová to Slovak paradise takes around 2 hours on route 66 which is one of the most beautiful roads in Slovakia.

We also collected several tips for hikes in Slovak paradise:

  • Directly from Campground Podlesok: Prielom Hornádu – Tomášovský výhľad: 17,9 km round, higher difficulty, track
  • Easier track for Slovak paradise standards starts directly from campground Podlesok and it’s the most popular track in the area: Suchá Belá, 9,6 km, track
  • Píla – Piecky: 12,5 km, you will climb quite long ladders but the track is one of the easier ones in Slovak paradise, track
  • If you like challenges: Píla – Veľký Sokol: difficult track full of streams and obstacles but also beautiful views from another world. The track passes the longest gorge of Slovak paradise which won’t let you dry so good hiking shoes are definitely a must: 17 km, track

Belianske Tatry

The jurney from Campground Podlesok to High Tatras, parking lot Strednica, takes around one hour. Strednica is located between Belianske Tatry (eastern side of High Tatras) and protected area of Pieniny. The views from the parking lot are just great…

Strednica Purecampers  Purecampers campervan

Belianske Tatry are a bit more tranquil than southern part of Tatras which is well known and favourite by locals.
We chose some tips for hikes and strolls below:

  • There is a nice 19,6 km hike starting from Strednica parking lot going over the ridge to Bachledova valley with views over Tatras and Pieniny, track, more info, The track can be also shortened according to your needs and app Mapy.cz will show you all the possibilities 
  • Another track from Strednica leads to Kopské sedlo and is 14 km long with 1310 m elevation, track, track

More tips for hikes and strolls in Belianske Tatry can be found here.

If you prefer to sleep in campground in High tatras instead of a parking lot our guests also recommend Camping Leharo.

Polish Tatras

Have you already seen Tatras from Polish side? Let’s go around them together. You can stop by at viewpoing Lapszanka on the way. If you decide to sleep on the Polish side we have found two parking lots on park4night app which look good but not personally tested: Małe Ciche or Czarna Góra

More about “treasures” of Polish Tatras can be found here.

Purecampers obytna dodavka


From Zakopane (PL) to Orava (SK). We have found Autocamping Jami next to Orava dam (16 eur/2 pax/night). The campground offers several tips for activities in surrounding. More tips for hikes around Námestovo can be found here. But it’s also possible to use this time just to chill at the water.

Another possibility for overnight stay would be ranch Na Okraji in Novoť in Oravské Beskydy or you can check park4night for more tips too.

Kalameny, Strážovské vrchy or Low Tatras

According to your time left with campervan and energy level we prepared three more possibilities where and how to enjoy yourself.

Thermal natural water source Kalameny

Kalameny are natural thermal water source with 33° temperature which can also be enjoyed in autumn or winter. There is a possibility for semi wild camping just next to the water source on gravel parking lot.

You can spent your day by walking to Liptov castle which takes around 2,5 hours and 6km or more challenging hike to Veľký Choč which takes 5,5 hours and 13km track. Both tracks give you beautiful views over Liptovská mara (water dam) surrounded by High Tatras on one side and Low Tatras on the other side.

Direct trip from Kalameny back to Bratislava takes around 3 hours.

Purecampers Velky Choc
Veľký Choč

Strážovské vrchy 

If you are coming back to Bratislava through Žilina you will have Strážovské vrchy on the way. Sleeping there with nice views during your breakfast can be done at Valaská Belá. The parking spot is just next to a quiet road. Beautiful views and friendly locals are to be expected. 

Purecampers breakfast
Breakfast at Valaská Belá

Purecampers Strazovske vrchy

There is an electric fence between the parking spot and meadows which will reduce your space a bit down but the views are amazing. There is also another possibility for a hike nearby. It takes you to Vápeč and count on 4 hours and approx 10km track with 360° views on the surrounding mountains. The track starts from parking lot Homôlka. From this parking lot back to Bratislava its around 1,5 hour on the highway.

Purecampers Strazovske vrchy

Vlkolínec, Nízke Tatry or Banská Bystrica

If you start from Orava to the south, you will pass Kalameny thermal water source and even more south you will have Veľká Fatra and Low Tatras mountain ranges. As you pass by Vlkolínec there is a camping spot for caravans, however hasn’t been tested by us. If you continue south through Donovaly in Low Tatras national park we have found there a parking spot with great reviews (if you decide to give it a try be careful because the road there is narrow and steep).

Purecampers Mountain Hut

Apps and website which might come handy during your campervan roadtrip in Slovakia:

Park4night (app) Humnokemp.sk Mapy.cz (app) Google maps (app)

We will be grateful for your tips and feedbacks if you decide to try this out. If you know more places to visit and you would like to share them with other adventurous souls let us know at: travel@purecampers.eu or ig:@purecampers

20 spanie Kemp Western Vochtánka Potštejn

Admiring the rock city of Adršpach during a 5-day campervan roadtrip in Czech Republic

Admiring the rock city of Adršpach during a 5-day campervan roadtrip in Czechia

Majka and Jano love trips to the Czech Republic. Reading their blogs it’s not hard to understand why. This time, their main destination was Adršpach and it’s famous rock city. However, they saw and experienced much more along the way on their 2nd campervan roadtrip in Czechia.
If you also feel like dissappearing from the daily life for a few days, experiencing nature, culture and good food, all with a touch of adventure and the comfort of a campervan, perhaps this tip will come in handy to you.
Stoping in the flower garden Kroměříž during a campervan roadtrip in Czechia
Flower garden Kroměříž

Day 1

This is our third trip with the “Big Banana” campervan. I guess, we like this van a lot. We had long talked about wanting to see Adršpach, the rock city, and its surroundings. When we decided it’s time to get to action, we didn’t hesitate to book the Big Banana and go for this campervan roadtrip in Czechia.

The almost winter-like weather did not discourage us. We chose to go during the public holidays in May, because we wanted to avoid the main tourist season, explore everything calmly, and make use of a day off work. Unlike autumn, 15°C in spring feels more manageable, and the weather forecast for the coming days was quite good, so we set off on Friday morning. 


Packing for the roadtrip

This time we opted for slightly lighter packing and took more practical items, as we had a lot of unnecessary things on our previous trips. We also needed more space in the campervan since we brought both of our dogs with us this time and we didn’t want to keep rearranging things in the car all the time.


Kutná hora

After a brief discussion, we decided to dedicate the first day to the town of Kutná Hora and its surroundings. Since it’s a longer journey, we decided to buy a Czech highway vignette, which shortened the journey by about an hour (despite our love for country roads where you can admire the surroundings). 

The jurney to Kutná Hora from Bratislava took around 3.5 hours. We only stopped somewhere along the way to let the dogs run. For our first stop, we chose St. Barbara’s Church, where we could also park directly. There’s plenty to see inside the church, beautiful decorations, stained glass windows, paintings, an organ, viewpoints, all taking about three-quarters of an hour. 

Right behind the church are vineyards, beautiful surroundings, a view of the city, a gallery, and the opportunity to walk through the old town. A short walk from the church is a small brewery with a view of the city; we recommend taking a break there for a beer or coffee. 


The sights of Kutná hora

There’s plenty to see in Kutná Hora; we bought a combined ticket for the church, cathedral, and Kostnice, which was cheaper than buying separate tickets.

The Cathedral of St. Mary and the Kostnice are next to each other; however, you need to drive from the church to the cathedral.

The cathedral is modestly decorated compared to the church, but since it was included in the ticket, we visited it, but we would recommend something else, such as the Silver Museum (for us it would take too long to visit and we wanted to move on to the next stops).

Kostnice is a must-see; beneath the church in the cemetery is a decoration made of human bones with an interesting history. A short distance from it is the Lego museum with a shop. However, we do not recommend refreshments there. Next to it is also an interesting souvenir shop worth stopping by if you’re looking for unusual pieces.

After touring the town, we took the dogs for an uphill walk to the lookout tower – Rozhledna Havířská Bouda. You can go up there; although it’s for a fee, there’s a restaurant and an elevator, but we just walked around it and continued the hike.


Parking for the night

Since we wanted to be closer to the next day’s program, we decided to drive a bit further and parked on the hill at the Zvičina ski resort, where the Reisova cottage restaurant with excellent food and beer is located. They have a large parking lot where it’s not a problem to stay overnight, watch the sunset, and have a good meal. There’s even a small church where it’s worth taking a look. Taking dogs on walks around here is also not a problem; there’s plenty of places to go.

Stoping in the St. Barbara's Church - Kutná Hora
St. Barbara’s Church – Kutná Hora
Stoping to see the Kutná Hora city view during a campervan roadtrip in Czechia
Kutná Hora – City View
Stoping to see the Ossuary - Kutná Hora
Ossuary – Kutná Hora
Reisova cottage - our camping spot during a campervan roadrip around Czechia
Reisova cottage – our camping spot


Day 2

In the morning, we quickly walked around the surroundings of Reisova cottage. There are a few wooden sculptures, a television transmitter, and even the Treehouse Zvičina, where you can pay to stay in a tree.


Les Království Dam

Quick breakfast, and our journey led to the village of Nemojov, where the Les Království Dam is located. This is something that you definitely need to see, there is a beautiful bridge over the dam with small towers, although you’ll see it all in around 15 minutes, it’s worth a visit if you’re nearby.


Peklo (Hell)

Because of the dogs, we decided to head towards Peklo (translates as “hell”). A beautiful place by the Metuje River, with endless hiking opportunities. We took an easy route along the river, but there are plenty of options; the nature is beautiful, just pick one.



For lunch, we decided not to cook, and since our next steps were towards the Protected Landscape Area of Broumovsko, we found lunch at a small bistro by the pond – Hospudka Ryba na hrázi. Nice terrace with a view of the pond, food at reasonable prices, and close to a forest crossroad that lead to a beautiful but gloomy building – Ticháček’s Chapel. Again, a place worth a visit, a path perfect for dogs. Even with taking pictures and stopping to admire the views, it’s a relatively easy hour-long hike.


Parking for the second night

We found a place to sleep through the Park4night app, at the Kaple Hvězda parking lot. It’s a small parking lot where we shared the night with four other campers. It’s busy during the day, but at night it’s completely quiet, and the surroundings are definitely worth it.

Les Kralovství Dam views
Les Kralovství Dam
Visiting Peklo (“Hell”) natural area during our campervan roadrip in Czechia
Peklo (“Hell”) – even though it doesn’t look like it 🙂
Walking in the forest near Ticháček's Chapel
Forest crossroad (Krížová cesta) – Ticháček’s Chapel


Day 3

In the morning, we woke up to gradually increasing number of cars and tourists. About 200m from the parking lot is a chapel (Kaple Panny Marie Sněžné), which offers a beautiful view of the surroundings, and the Hvězda tourist chalet, whose opening hours are a mystery. 


Broumov Walls

We then went on around an hour-long hike, which was quite challenging with dogs (stairs, rocks, steep ascents/descents…), but it’s one of the most beautiful things we saw on this trip. The Broumov Walls (Brumovské stěny) offer beautiful natural scenery; the trail swivels directly among the rocks – it’s called the Skalní divadlo (translates as “the rocky theatre”). 

Again, there are plenty of options; we chose one with the most to see according to the map. For hiking (even in Slovakia), we always use the Mapy.cz app; it’s reliable, shows even non-touristic forest roads and trails, but it’s always a good idea to download the area you’re going to, to your phone, to be able to access it offline. 

We ended our stay in this area with a quick stop at the Suchodolská waterfall, which is a smaller waterfall with a mini-lake. You can park the car and walk to the waterfall in about 15 minutes; the trail is absolutely easy.


Adršpach Rock City

In the afternoon, it was time for the main program of the trip, the Adršpach Rocks. We recommend buying tickets in advance (buy them here) along with parking, as capacity is limited both for entry and parking. They have the information easily accessible on their website, so you can find out how many spaces are available when and you can even catch a time when there are fewer visitors (after 2 pm, I think the admission is cheaper).

Again, there are more options for what to see, but since we had already spent half a day walking, based on the recommendation at the infocenter, we chose “just” a tour of the Adršpach Rock City (it took us 3 hours in the end). Here, too, is an option to take an easier route where you can go with dogs or a stroller, but we recommend going without, as many beautiful things are more difficult to access, there are narrow passages between rocks, lots of climbing/descending narrow stairs, in some places it is overcrowded, and you can only walk one by one. 

Along the route through the rock city, you have the opportunity to see not only breathtaking rock formations but also, for example, a flooded quarry, a waterfall, a chapel, several viewpoints, take a boat ride on the lake… We won’t elaborate on this further because we might not finish. In short: if you’re in the area, definitely go; it’s one of the most beautiful things in nature. You can also turn off the route to the Teplice Rocks (Teplické skály), but we didn’t have time or energy for that.


Campsite for the third night

After the third day, we opted for parking with services. On our route we found a campsite called Kemp Western Vochtánka Potštejn. They have a bar with food and beers, showers, toilets, and a huge meadow for the overnight stay. You won’t be in anybody’s way here, that’s for sure. Next to the campsite flows the Divoká Orlice river. Directly above it, you can climb up to the ruins of Potštejn Castle. 

We were satisfied with the campsite’s services; we refilled water here, and the lady at the campsite even gave us plenty of tips on what to see in the area.

Visiting chapel of the Virgin Mary during our campervan roadrip in Czechia
Chapel of the Virgin Mary
Visiting Broumov Walls during our campervan roadtrip in Czechia
Broumov Walls
Visiting Broumov Walls
Broumov Walls
Visiting Adršpach Rock City during our campervan roadtrip in Czechia
Adršpach Rock City
Visiting Adršpach Rock City during our campervan roadtrip in Czechia
Adršpach Rock City
Sleeping ona meadow in Camping Western Vochtánka Potštejn during our campervan roadtrip in Czechia
Camping Western Vochtánka Potštejn was very spacious


Day 4


Helfštýn Castle

After a long morning walk in the local nature, we agreed that after the previous challenging days, we’ll only choose easy stops from now on. For an easier journey home, we looked at interesting sights that could appeal to us on the way to Slovakia. We found them in the area of Olomouc, so we decided to explore this part of the country. Our first stop on the way back was the ruin – Helfštýn Castle. It’s quite large, under reconstruction, with a very nice view of the surroundings. There’s also a cable car and the opportunity for a walk in the forest right by the parking lot.


Hranice town

About 10 minutes by car from there is the town of Hranice, where there’s much to discover. We chose the Hranice Abyss – the deepest abyss in the world. There isn’t as much to see there as, for example, at Macocha. The abyss is only partly dry; most of it is flooded. However, the path to it is a nice walk, with an educational trail. Opposite it are the Zbrašov Aragonite Caves, but they were closed during our visit.


Campsite for the fourth night

We found a place to spend the night directly in Hranice, at the AMK Kemp Hranice campsite. A nice place at a great price, with showers, toilets, the possibility of refilling water and connecting to electricity, a bar with food and drinks open until late.

Visiting Helfštýn Castle during our campervan roadtip in Czechia
Helfštýn Castle


Day 5



On the last day, we didn’t rush anywhere. The task was to finish the food and find something interesting on the way back home. That something interesting we found in the town of Kroměříž. From many options, we chose the Flower Garden (Květná záhrada). It’s quite large, and our visit took approximately 1.5 hours. There’s plenty to see, several greenhouses, a huge rotunda, a colonnade with statues of Greek gods, fountains, mazes of living hedges… garden enthusiasts will enjoy it.


The journey back to Bratislava

For the rest of the day we just travelled home and tidied up the car, which we then returned to Martina and Peter. We refilled the water only once on the way, the gas was enough for us, although we basically only brewed coffee, tea, and reheated food cooked at home in advance. We also didn’t need electricity; we returned the campervam with a battery charged to 100%.

After the third trip with Big Banana, we’re already planning the next one… 🙂 Thanks, purecampers.

Visiting Kroměříž flower garden during our campervan roadtip in Czechia
Kroměříž – flower garden
Visiting Kroměříž - flower garden during our campervan roadtip in Czechia
Kroměříž – flower garden


What to pack for a campervan trip with a purecampers van?

food and drinks (ground coffee, salt, sugar, spices and cooking oil are part of the kitchen equipment), coal if you want to use the small grill available in the camper, coffee beans and a grinder if you prefer freshly ground coffee (Mokka coffee maker is in the camper), toilet paper, head lamps, clothes and sports equipment that you need


More tips for trips & other destinations

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-27 at 10.38.33

3-day campervan roadtrip from Bratislava to Moravia and back, by Majka and Jano

3-day campervan roadtrip from Bratislava to Moravia and back, by Majka and Jano

Wine cellars, liquor tasting, walks in the forests, viewpoints and underwater rooms with fish swimming over your head and much more that you can experience on this fun campervan roadtrip in Moravia 🙂
Our friends Majka and Jano embarked on a 3-day trip with the Big Banana campervan to Moravia. A wave of inspiration hit them after the trip and they wrote about what they saw and experienced.
Over the course of 3 days, they traveled around 500km with loads of stops at interesting places. If you’d like to follow their footsteps, at the end of the article, you’ll find links to individual places.

Day 1

We picked up the campervan on Saturday morning at 8 o’clock. Everything about the camper and how to use it was explained to us at the pick up location in Bratislava. We quickly loaded up, and the campervan roadtrip in Moravia could begin. 

The campervan Big Banana has plenty of storage space. There were two of us with a larger dog and everything could be stored without any problems. 

We were prepared for the always changing September weather, so we packed plenty of things for all the possible temperatures. 

We wanted an easy-going trip with plenty of time to spend at interesting locations. Because of the dog, we also included random stops to do short walks in the woods or in the fields.


On Saturday, we planned to wander around Lednice and Mikulov. There’s plenty to see in the area. Right after crossing the border, we stopped in the woods between Břeclav and Valtice and went for a walk with the dog, where we also collected some mushrooms for breakfast. The journey continued to Lednice. A short distance from the Lednice castle, we found a parking lot right next to the Lednice brewery, where they had great IPAs (yes, we also brought some for dinner). 

We only saw the castle from the outside; we were more interested in the castle greenhouse, as we both love plants. Visiting the greenhouse was a great choice, with many tropical plants reaching up to the ceiling, a nice environment and only few people. The castle also has a huge park where you can go for a walk. Accross from the park is a minaret (minaret is a tower connected to a mosque from where the faithful muslims are called to prayer) that offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. 

However, to get to the viewpoint at the top of the minaret, we had to climb 305 steps on a spiral staircase. The minaret is one of the tallest in the world outside of Islamic countries. If you’re afraid of heights, it’s a great test of courage :). 


Our next stop was in Mikulov, where we found a destination called Svatý kopeček (it translates as “the saint little hill”). On the way to it, we came across wine cellars. In front of one, there was a food truck selling delicious food and drinks (@vinice.coffeebar). The friendly seller let us taste the wine, recommended us routes in the area, and we also managed to pick up two bottles of great wine there. 

Afterwards we parked our campervan at Lom u Mariánského mlýna (Quarry by the Marian mill), where limestone was once mined and now there was a lake. The water was beautifully clean, you could definitely swim there, although we recommend warmer months. There is a route from the parking lot to Svatý kopeček, it’s a pleasant walk, and at the top, there is a chapel and the oldest calvary in Bohemia. The view is wonderful, especially combined with the slowly setting sun. Ideal place for a walk with a dog. 

Parking for the first night

Originally, we wanted to park for the first night somewhere by a lake or a pond, of which there are plenty in the area, but in the end, we decided to head to the next destination in the evening, so that we wouldn’t have to drive immediately after breakfast. So we drove off to Bukovanský mlýn and spent the night in the parking lot. We solved dinner with a goulash that we cooked the day before leaving, so we just had to reheat it, and we could focus on the liquid catches from the road.

Lednice Castle
Lednice Castle
minaret Lednice
Minaret in Lednice
minaret Lednice staircase
305 stairs to the top of the minaret
Lednice castle greenhouse
In the Lednice castle there is a greenhouse with plenty of exotic plants reaching to the ceiling

Day 2

The next day, after a hearty breakfast, we moved to a village called Modrá. It’s a place where we didn’t think we would spend so much time. Everything is in one place here, you can park your camper and walk around on foot. 


We started with a tour of Archeoskanzen Modrá, which is a fortified settlement from the times of Great Moravia. Right next to it is the Terrarium, which is the largest in Moravia. Those who like to see exotic spiders, snakes, lizards, etc., will enjoy it here. Thirdly, we left the best for last, the Živá voda area – home to freshwater animals and medieval aurochs. 

The whole area is covered with ponds and marshes, you can swim there, and walk around observing the local flora. But the best thing is located in the main building, right next to the pond. 

From the top, you can observe fish from bridges. One floor below, 3.5 meters below the water surface, there is an 8-meter long glass tunnel from which you can observe freshwater fish “under water”. Carps, pikes, sturgeons, and large belugas, some pieces reaching a length of up to 2 meters. 

The building also has another room below, where you can, through a window, observe catfish and other fish preferring the darker corners of the pond. 

The final touch was a visit to the distillery – the Center of Moravian Traditions, where we tasted various kinds of liqueur, among which we must highlight raspberry liqueur, ginger liqueur, and strawberry liqueur – one bottle of which also accompanied us on the journey. 

Parking for the second night

After leaving the area, we stopped for a walk with the dog in Chřiby. Very nice nature, perfect for a walk, there was also the possibility of visiting several places, but we skipped those, as our plan was to get to the location where we wanted to spend the night, at the Macocha Abyss

We parked directly in the parking lot next to Macocha, it is not used at night and opens at 7:30 am, so until then, we were completely alone here. After arrival, we managed another walk. There are several smaller caves in the area, one of which we found with the help of the Mapy.cz app. We use this app a lot, as it not only includes official hiking trails but also smaller forest paths, which are usually empty. We also appreciated that we took headlamps; without them, we would have gotten lost immediately.

campervan roadtrip in Moravia

Moravia landscape

Moravia underwater tunel Ziva voda     Moravia underwater tunel Ziva voda

Moravia terrarium     Moravia landscape

Day 3

On the third day, after breakfast, we headed to the Punkevní caves, for which we bought tickets for a specific date in advance, as the number of places is limited, and it is not easy, especially on weekends, to find available spots. 

Punkevní caves

The cave is located on the other side of the hill from Macocha; a cable car departs directly from the cave area, from the upper terrace. You can also walk, but reportedly there is nothing interesting along the way, and the way down takes almost ¾ of an hour. You can also buy a combined ticket for the cable car/train, which transports people directly from the Punkevní cave to the next one – Kateřinská cave.

The Punkevní caves themselves were a great choice. The visit consists of two parts, on foot and by boat. The walking part takes about three-quarters of an hour, you walk all the way to the bottom of the abyss, on the other side of the hill. 

There you board boats and sail about 15 minutes to the exit. Both parts were great; we must especially highlight the boatman’s skills in maneuvering in narrow spaces with a long boat, and also his commentary, which made us laugh from beginning to the end. 

Macocha Abyss

The last on the list was the Macocha Abyss itself. Since we had already seen it from its bottom, it was easier to imagine its dimensions when viewed from above. There are two lookout bridges available; it’s a short walk from the upper one to the lower one, about 10 minutes on foot. The abyss is actually a long-collapsed cave. 

You could certainly stay longer in this area, as there are many caves around, but we had to head home and return the rented campervan. A short stop for food, walking the dog, cleaning the camper, and we were soon parking at Peter and Martina’s place in Bratislava. 

About our experience with the Big Banana campervan

Over 3 days, we consumed around 45 liters of water (the tank of Big Banana holds 50), so for longer trips, you need to think about stops, where you can refil. Gas was not a problem, as besides coffee and tea, we only heated food and only cooked pasta once. Anyhow, the campervan was equipped with enough gas even for the hobby masterchefs. The second battery in the camper is charged by driving and solar panels; we returned it charged to 100%, so there’s absolutely no problem here, even when connecting a charger, laptop, fridge cooling our beverages etc. 

We rate the trip as excellent; we will definitely be back renting a campervan again and go exploring further.

Punkevní caves and Macocha Abyss in Moravia  Punkevní caves and Macocha Abyss in Moravia

Punkevní caves and Macocha Abyss in Moravia

What to pack for a campervan trip with a purecampers van?

food and drinks (ground coffee, salt, sugar, spices and cooking oil are part of the kitchen equipment), coal if you want to use the small grill available in the camper, coffee beans and a grinder if you prefer freshly ground coffee (Mokka coffee maker is in the camper), toilet paper, head lamps, clothes and sports equipment that you need

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