How it all started?

prenajom obytnych dodavok purecampers


I built my first campervan VW T4 (Mountain hut) in 2017. At that time I was working as a business analyst for an international company for four years, already knowing that this is not my way. I quit the job and started to plan a half year trip towards waves and adventure along the Atlantic coast of Europe and Morocco. Of course in the freshly converted 20-year old van.

The trip was great. I came back home with loads of experiences and an empty bank account. After a few months of working seasonal jobs in order to survive I tried to rent my campervan. The first bookings surprised me, I was not expecting much interest. This small success, however, gave me enough courage to try it out next season a bit more seriously and with a second van (Big Banana).


While Peter was building his second van I was finishing university in Copenhagen. We did not know about each other back then. During uni I often had the dilemma whether to build a career in finances (which I studied) or rather do something what fulfills me more. It didn’t take long until I changed the corporate job for an adventure in Sri Lanka where I was helping to set up and run a surf school for local girls.

Pandemic shuffled the cards and returned me home to Slovakia. Thanks to our common passion in surfing our paths with Peter crossed…

prenajom obytnej dodavky purecampers
prenajom obytnych dodavok purecampers

Adventure rental

Now we both dedicate most of our time from spring to autumn to our campervan rental project. And in the winter we surf. 

Our main activity is campervan rental. When we have extra time, we do campervan custom builds for other adventurous souls.

What we enjoy the most is meeting all of you, our guests. There is this craving for travel, freedom and adventure that unites us all 🙂

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