Campervan conversions

Get your van transformed into a cozy house on wheels.

The place where you feel home no matter where you park it.

Campervan conversions are custom done based on your needs. It can be a simple conversion consisting of isolating, furniture fitting or a complex one with water and electricity connection, roof window fitting, solar panel installation, custom made mattress.. Everything depends on you and your preferences. If you need a special van for carrying sports equipment or just a simple weekend camper for picnics in nature I can do it all.

If you do not have a precise idea I am happy to advise about the layout, used materials and other important things to figure out.

For more info please contact me via Contact page.

Pictures from previous campervan conversions below:


If you are not sure about the layout, take my bus for a trip. It is FREE if you decide to get yours done with me. Otherwise standard rental conditions apply.