Campervan road trip can be enjoyed anytime. During pandemic times it's probably the safest way of travelling. It's easy to avoid busy places and practically also camp grounds.

If you make a reservation during pandemic, please pay attention to measures issued by Public Health Authority of the Slovak Republic. Unfortunately their English version is from march 2020 so I recommend checking Slovak one and using Google translator or hit us up and we will explain you the measures. Also if you do not reside in Slovakia it is important to check conditions of entry to country. If the measures become stricter and so it's not possible to make the trip all advances paid by you will be refunded. It is important to only book the trip if the current situation enables.

The vans are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each trip.

Free camping in Slovakia is allowed outside of national parks (level 3) and higher levels of nature protection areas.

We recommend sticking to this rule and camp outside of National parks to preserve the nature and also to keep the advantage of free camping which is not so common in Europe anymore. More information on free camping is available here. You can also find there a handy app for searching a „free“ camping spot.

Child seat can be mounted in front next to the driver to classic seatbelt’s click holders. None of the vans has an ISO fix mount available. At the moment we can not provide a child seat however you can either use yours or rent it from a special company. If you need an assistance searching one locally, just let us know. Happy to help

All the vans have 3 seats in front. Driver’s seat is separated and passenger’s seats connected in one double bench. The most generous space wise is Big Banana campervan, the least space you get in Mountain hut on wheels.

The same applies for sleeping. Big Banana, Dromedar and Gurumobil can sleep up to 3 (2 super comfortably) and Mountain hut two humans.

Reservation of a chosen date can be done via reservation calendar. Every campervan has it’s own calendar so it’s easy to navigate through available dates. After clicking on the particular line of the calendar (according the chosen camper) reservation form will be displayed. Please fill up all the information needed and send the booking. Make sure the email address is correct because that will be the one where you will receive an email with payment instructions and other important information.

After the advance payment of 1/3 of a total rental price is received we mark your dates as confirmed and you can start looking forward to the adventure. The rest of rental is payable 10 days before the pick up date. The refundable deposit can be paid either via bank transfer (but it must arrive before the pick up date) or cash on hand at the pick up which will be confirmed at the rental agreement.

Pick up place and time will be agreed few days before. The place should be within Bratislava and usually in the morning. I will adjust to your schedule so if you are an early bird, that‘s no problem at all. I will meet you at the agreed place and time with your van and you will drive me back to my base in Vrakuňa, Bratislava (around 15 min from city centre or train station). And yes, you will drive 🙂 It is a small instruction drive for the van which you probably do not have an experience driving. There is nothing to worry about, people with average driving skills and basic respect are completely fine with bigger vans and the instruction drive also helps to relieve stress if there is any.

Here at our base we will explain you everything about the van, interior, using water, electricity, heating and gas. We will sign a rental agreement and I’ll wish you a happy trip.

Drop offs are again here at our base in Vrakuňa, Bratislava (Hradská 7/E, Bratislava ) and you should come before 17:00 as the van probably goes on another adventure the next day and we need some time to prepare it. We will also kindly ask you to brush the floor, pack your personal stuff – make sure you haven’t forgotten anything and take the trash. If you had a doggy with you please also vacuum clean the matrasses, floor and front seats. We will take care of the rest so there is no need to refill the water tank or so.

Lessee is responsible for all the damages on the rented campervan. Small scratches on the van are not a problem so no worries. In case of other damages those are solved from security deposit. For my unlucky guests I will always try to find the best possible deal on repairs. If it happens the refundable deposit is not sufficient to cover the costs of repair, lessee will cover also access amount beyond the deposit and possible insurance cover.

If you let us know about cancellation 30 or more days before pick up date we will return whole amount paid to your account. And we do it promptly. If you informed us less than 30 days we unfortunately can not return the payment to you.

Everyone min. 24 years old owning driving license „B“ (for classic personal vehicle) can drive. All the vans are up to 3,5t. It is however recommended the driver has at least average driving experience with a basic respect. Small instruction drive from a pick up place to our home base also helps a lot for initial orientation.

If your travel partner would like to drive too, its not a problem. One other person can be signed in a rental agreement as a second driver and the same conditions apply.

Yes definitely. Dogs and campervans just go together. They usually like camping trips a lot since you are almost always in nature. However please bear in mind the vans have to be returned in the same stage as picked up and in case the doggy was part of it please vacuum clean the front seats, mattresses and floor. Any damages caused by pets are on responsibility of lessee 🙂

That’s up to you however clothes according to your plans and groceries are completely fine. Fresh bedding, pillows, blankets, fully equipped kitchen and fridge are included in campervans. Also all the camping equipment like foldable table, chairs, mini BBQ, mosquito nets are included. If you are still not sure what to take, let us know we are happy to help.

All vans are of course insured by Compulsory third party insurance covering damages caused to other vehicles or traffic participants.

Campervans VW T4 Mountain hut on wheels and also VW LT35 Big Banana are older ladies and it is not possible to insure them with a classic accident cover. However they have a Mini Accident cover Extra which covers damages caused by renter or second driver in case of accident with other vehicle. The condition is that the other driver included in accident has to claim damages cover from my Third party liability cover (in other words only damages caused by renter/second driver are covered and only in case of accident with another vehicle).

VW T5 Dromedar and Gurumobil are insured also with classic accident cover.

All campervans have assistance service activated in case of breakdown, flat tire, need of towing... But please be aware of the access amounts for assistance limits. Fixing flat tire abroad (for example Austria) can be pricier than the cover which differs based on location and help needed.

Yes and no. Slovakian highway toll is included in rental. However if you are planning to drive abroad it is necessary to find information about the highway toll system in countries planned and pay the toll accordingly. The fines are a responsibility of renter and sometimes they arrive even 6 months later. Especially be careful if planning to travel to Hungary. The system is often not 100% clear and the system is split into different sections with cameras. Also the fines are very pricey.

Yes, you can definitely travel abroad within all EU countries and Switzerland.

There is an app – Park4night which is ideal for finding free camping spots around. You can download in on Google play or iStores and also on my page dedicated to Free camping. It shows places where you can free camp and there is quite a lot even in Slovakia. You can find there also pictures and description which makes orientation easier.

Some of the places are however discontinued and either there is no entry or some other barrier. It’s best to start finding a camping spot for night with enough time before dusk so you know what to expect in the morning 🙂

Definitely yes. It’s more about parents than children. We have had several guests with even babies (one just few weeks old) and most of them said it was perfect. The small ones slept better than home we were told. However one nice couple came back quite exhausted and there it was the opposite way. But you won’t know until you try 🙂

All the vans are equipped with secondary battery which is used to power up your gadgets and charge phones, cameras, notebooks.. There is no external camping plug in vehicles but it is not necessary since power inverter provided standard plug with 220V. The battery is charged from solar system and also while driving so you can work on your laptop whole week without a need for external charging. However that would be a pity.

All the vans also have a tank for fresh drinking water which can be refilled either at camp grounds or according to your creativity also other places.

Cooking can be done at double burners and it’s powered by gas which you do not have to worry about. We provide a sufficient amount of gas with rental.

More information on equipment included can be found at particular campervan pages at our website.

Kilometers are not limited so you can freely move without any stress.

But please keep in mind that moving in campervan takes a lot more time than in normal passenger’s vehicle. Also count in the time which takes packing, organising..

My very maximum daily kilometers are around 500km but that is usually rushing a lot and driving without stopping to look around. For relaxed trip we advise maximum 150 to 200km per day. This kind of trip for me is about slowing down and enjoying environment.

What is however limited is maximum speed. Older vans T4 Mountain hut and LT35 Big banana have max. speed of 110km/h while newer T5 Dromedar and Gurumobil can go 120km/h max.

It is due to the safety reasons (vans behave whole different on road than passenger’s cars and also fuel consumption tends to go up rapidly after these speeds. In case of wet roads it is necessary to slow down even more.

Yes there is. You can find two folding camping chairs, camping table, mini BBQ for coals, axe and mosquito nets. More about the equipment can be found at pages for each campervan.

Unfortunately we can’t help you on this one at the moment. Bicycle rack is not available and transportation of bicycles in interior of vans is not allowed.